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January 2005


Labor Without Class by Michael Thompson

Exclusive: Michael Thompson's Hawke-Wran submission

Read this scorching submission

to the Hawke-Wran review by Michael Thompson, author of Labor Without Class: the gentrification of the ALP (Pluto Press, 1999).  


June 2005 Exclusive: Laurie Ferguson on Labor's refugee and immigration stance
Laurie Ferguson

Labor's Laurie Ferguson brought some realistic thinking to the shadow immigration role born of his experience as the member for Reid in Sydney's west.




  October 2005





Exclusive: Interview with Sam Dastyari


As president of NSW Young Labor, Sam Dastyari stands in a line of past Labor notables including Paul Keating and Bob Carr. In this interview he covers issues ranging from marijuana and the voting age to asylum seekers and the Greens.


  January 2006






  February 2006





   April 2006





   August 2005


  US soldier placing flag over statue of Saddam


Exclusive: What the ALP can learn from the US Democrats


As a visiting American political science student, Ben Raybin worked on the bi-election campaign for Maroubra. Ben offers some thoughts on the ALP and the US Democrats.



Exclusive: Ahead of the pack on Chinese tourism


NSW's tourism minister Sandra Nori responds to the concerns that NSW may not be ready for a wave of Chinese tourists.



Exclusive: Thin blue line tangled in red tape


In this passionate article, a serving NSW police officer argues that the new LEPRA laws neither strengthen police powers nor protect the public from their abuse.



Exclusive: Losing hearts and minds in Iraq


Journalist and foreign policy analyst Whit Mason examines the coalition authority's efforts to win over the Iraqi people following Saddam's downfall.