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The New City is a web journal exploring urban development and politics from a free market perspective. It is catalogued in the National Library of Australia's PANDORA archive and has featured on New Geography, On Line Opinion, Quadrant Online, Demographia, Catallaxy Files, Forbes.com, the National Post, RealClearWorld, Architecture Insights and others ... [past articles]




Most recent articles:

Industrial workers lose out to Sydney's knowledge elites

Industrial activities like manufacturing could generate many more opportunities for Sydney's people, if only the city's knowledge work elites would loosen their grip on urban planning policy ... [read more]

Sydney isn't dominated by inner-city knowledge workers

The claim that Sydney's workforce is dominated by knowledge workers concentrated in central locations like the CBD is a myth ... [read more]


Popular articles on urban issues:

Ruining our cities to save them

In line with the law of unintended consequences, green town planning only makes things worse ... [read more]

The suburban economy and its enemies

Beware those seeking to strangle our once and future booming suburbs ... [read more]

The use and misuse of Glaeser's Triumph of the City

Glaeser is the darling of green urbanists, but they misunderstand his economic logic ... [read more]

The illusions of Charles Montgomery's Happy City

In his book Happy City, Charles Montgomery's prefers Third World poverty over affluent suburbia ... [read more]

Workers flee Sydney's unaffordable housing

Flawed land supply policies are squeezing workers out of Sydney's housing market ... [read more]

Jan Gehl's pedestrian ideas for Sydney

Jan Gehl's anti-vehicle plan threatens the Sydney CBD's commercial vitality ... [read more]

Green office towers cast shadow over Sydney

Green office towers are a goldmine for the well-placed, an economic deadweight for others ... [read more]

Inside Sydney's CBD: the retail core

Sydney's CBD is resurgent but not returning to its historic metropolitan dominance ... [read more]

The crisis of academic urban planning

A wide gulf has opened up betweem mainstream values and our urban planning academics ... [read more]

Actually, cities are part of the economy

Despite the government's interventionist plans, economics still rules our cities ... [read more]

Suburbs and climate change: a homegrown brawl

Research shows that suburbia might not be as bad for the environment as greens claim ... [read more]

The New City on other sites

► The illusions of Happy City

Our two part series on Charles Montgomery's poverty-loving book Happy City is republished in New Geography,


► It's a bug's life

Urban planners are treating us like insects, John Muscat in Quadrant Online.


Dense urban thinking down under

Writing in Forbes .com, Joel Kotkin calls The New City feisty while slamming Australia's urban planning and housing policies ... [more]


► The Myth of Green Australia

Australians are not pioneering greens, by John Muscat in New Geography, featured on RealClearWorld, and republished in On Line Opinion


► Green Office Towers

Our article on Sydney's green office towers was republished in On Line Opinion and New Geography


► From California to Canberra, the Real Class War

Our article on the real class war was republished on On Line Opinion and New Geography.


The Not-So-Lucky Country

Writing in Forbes.com, urbanist Joel Kotkin commends The New City while giving Kevin Rudd a serve ... [more]


► The use and misuse of Glaeser

Our item on Edward Glaeser was republished on On Line Opinion and New Geography and featured on RealClearPolicy.


► How Gillard Governs

John Muscat in Quadrant Online. Julia Gillard has downgraded the role of prime minister ... [more]


► Carbon tax betrayal

John Muscat in Quadrant Online. The Gillard minority government has forfeited its legitimacy ... [more]


► Freedom's weak pulse

Our editorial on freedom of expression featured on sites like Quadrant Online, Catallaxy Files and Menzies House.


► Australians are getting a carbon tax they don't want

By John Muscat in New Geography ... [more] & RealClearWorld ... [more]


► Inside Sydney's CBD: retail core

John Muscat's article on the growth and transformation of Sydney CBD's retail core is republished in New Geography ... [more]


► The Global Climate Standoff

By John Muscat in Quadrant Online. Claims that China is tackling climate change are exaggerated ... [more]


► Cities are part of the economy

John Muscat's feature article on the Gillard Government's urban agenda is republished in New Geography ... [more]


► Triumph of the functionaries

By John Muscat in Quadrant Online. The functionary class is playing the Greens off against Labor for power ... [more]


► Can Labor hold city and bush?

In The Australian, Christian Kerr quotes John Muscat on Labor's parlous relationship with the Greens under Julia Gillard ... [more]


► A price on carbon: new greenmail

Our editorial comment has been republished by the US based urbanist site New Geography ... [more]


► Carbon greenmail

Our editorial comment on the sham arguments for a carbon price has featured on Australia's leading site of ideas and opinion Quadrant Online ... [more]


► Labor crosses Rubicon

By John Muscat in Quadrant Online. The new Labor-Green alliance is dangerous for the ALP... [more]


► My party was trashed by the middle class

By Michael Thompson in The Weekend Australian. A lightly edited version of his TNC essay ... [more]


► Australia 2010: Unstable politics in a prosperous country

By John Muscat in New Geography. Australia's new regional politics ... [more]


► Division of Labor

By John Muscat in Quadrant Online. A look at Labor's divided and dysfunctional election campaign leadership ... [more]


► The urbanist's guide to Kevin Rudd's downfall

By John Muscat in New Geography. Rudd's downfall viewed from a housing urban development perspective ... [more]


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